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Personalized care in tune with busy lives.

We want to present the best version of ourselves to the world but we overlook what our body and mind really needs.

Responsive beauty care to regain harmony so you can be your best self in every moment.

Meet Jingyi and help her find balance in an ever changing world

Name: Jingyi
Born: 2004
Age in 2029: 25
Location: Hangzhou, China
Occupation:  AI Advisor

“I have so many goals I want to achieve that I don’t always take time to look after myself.  I’ve realized that to be the best version of me I need to reconnect with myself.”

ORBIS support Jingyi by helping her understand the moments when she needs to take better care.

Jewellery-like wearables gather data from the environment such as temperature, humidity, UV rays and atmospheric conditions.

A skin sensor gathers biometric data such as heart rate, body temperature, and perspiration.

Jingyi can also integrate her existing smart devices for a complete view of her wellbeing.

The data is continuously monitored and analyzed. Jingyi can view her results through the data dashboard.

Jingyi is always in control of how her data is handled, she can select which data is shared with ORBIS at any given time or stop data collection completely.

Using unique analysis algorithms, ORBIS create complete solutions to restore balance.

The system prescribes personalized skincare pods to prevent skin conditions caused by stress and a busy lifestyle.

Mood Booster:
Body Supplement:
Skin Saviours:

ORBIS personalized skincare -

Hi Jingyi,
You have an important meeting coming up.
Try a Mood Booster for optimal performance.

Reminder: 30 minutes until your meeting

Skincare pods are created and delivered in response to Jingyi’s fluctuating lifestyle, helping Jingyi be her best self anytime and anywhere.

Using cutting edge technology, each pod contains concentrated active ingredients that can be rehydrated when necessary to maximize efficacy whilst minimizing waste.

“ORBIS are my partner, they take total care of my wellbeing so I can be my best.”

Beauty in tune with your rhythm.

Total care to restore the balance.

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