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Make-up to set your inspiration free.

We want solutions that transform with our lifestyles so we can live freely in every moment.

A make-up device with infinite colours and textures to release your creative expression.

Meet Kai and help him create a new look...

Name: Kai
Born: 1998
Age in 2029: 31
Location: NYC, USA
Occupation:  Communications Designer

Kai has many sides to his identity.

He is confident in his own style and finds freedom through creativity.

“Being myself is important to be comfortable in my own skin. Everything I see is an inspiration. I let my creativity run free, anytime, and anywhere."

Event Reminder: Fashion Collection Launch @ Collective. 7pm.

Dress Code: Understated Glamour

The ORBIS make-up palette lets Kai pick colors, textures and moods from his inspiration reel.

Blend combinations and experiment with new styles. Limitless possibilities leave make-up fails behind.

Help Kai create his next look by selecting the colours on his device.

Make-up mixing is instant so Kai can intuitively create looks as soon as inspiration strikes.

A powerful partner for unleashing creativity and expressing Kai’s unique personality.

Multiple sensors scan Kai’s facial features for easy application on the go.

The make-up device dispenses a micro-pigment mist controlled by nanotechnology to deliver a flawless finish.

A boost to Kai’s confidence and his radiance.

The pocket-sized device with the power to transform you into a make-up artist - anywhere, anytime.

“Being able to express my identities and creativity lets me be me. I have the confidence to be whoever I want to be with ORBIS”

Expression in an instant.
Free to be you in every moment.

Nurture with

your rhythm

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